Your students can be a single click away from starting their coding assignments



Vocareum brings the experience of full fledged software labs to the web browsers of learners worldwide. We leverage cloud infrastructure to enable learners to be a single click away from coding applications. Our platform significantly reduces the time and cost associated with setting up and managing coding assignments.


Teachers can use the lab authoring interface to quickly set up assignment for registered students, guide them through the learning process and view analytics on progress and behavior.

These Cloud Labs can be integrated with any learning content including MOOCs, published books and in-class lessons. It can also be easily integrated with existing solutions through LTI.

Students can start building software applications without any setup. They can edit, build and run within their browsers on any device and then showcase that learning on their portfolio. We have cloud labs for Android, Java, Hadoop, MySQL, Node.js, Python and more.


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  • EDSURGE | Insights and Trends that Make MOOCs Matter

    One can argue that MOOC-mania peaked in 2012, which The New York Times famously called “The Year of the MOOC.” Variants of the word “disruption” appeared three times in that article, portending a momentous transformation in how students learn and how teachers teach. A year later, the The New York Times acknowledged setbacks. That early results did not live up to lofty expectations were perhaps not so surprising. High-profile, humbling lessons from initial pilots like those at San Jose State University led many to curb their enthusiasm.


  • INSTRUCTIONAL TECH TALK | 021 - Coding in the Classroom with Vocareum

    Coding has become a very exciting and worthy tool with which to teach – mostly because it teaches incredible skills while also teaching a very valuable tool for life beyond K-12 education. Until recently, teaching coding meant special software loaded on specific computers in order for students and teachers to write, compile, and execute code to ensure programs are written correctly. Because of the special requirements, it became difficult for students to work on coding assignments outside of class as the compiler software isn’t always the easiest.


  • NCCE | First Look: Vocareum

    Next up in our First Look series is Vocareum. Vocareum is a cloud based service that lets students learn to program in Android, Java, Hadoop, MySQL, Node.js, Python, D3.js and more. The key piece here is allowing this to happen through the cloud. Any middle or high school that offers programing understands that hardware and software setup can be a major obstacle in offering this coursework. Vocareum is removing that barrier by moving everything to the cloud.


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